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The top, though slightly toasted which gave it a brown tinge, was soft, while the bottom was stark white with a doughy texture.I don't know if that's how it meant to be, but it made me question the outcome.) Hopefully, this cake shop will leave me with more to desire from.

Honestly, I was kind of attracted by the way it looked.

Ron de Vries has worked as a Youth Ministry Consultant for Classis Alberta North in Canada since 2007.

He also serves the CRCNA as a Faith Formation Coach.

An impressive range of buns, breads & pastries, all well-presented and definitely looked gourmet-y. A funny looking bread "Big Brioche" stood out, as it looked like a huge round bun with a pox growing on top of it (pardon my really bad metaphor).

Other delights includes a smaller version brioche, almond croissant (i heard this is really good), read bean an pan, raisin loaf, orange loaf, blue cheese brioche, chocolate sourdough with hazelnuts and sour cherries, etc.

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