Dating by porcelain marks

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In the same year, the town of Sitzendorf itself started to introduced its own electricity (110 Volts AC) which was generated via steam engine.

This resulted in a large improvement of working conditions as all work during early morning and late evening hours up until then had to be done in the dull light of oil lamps.

Together with the new partner which changed the product range, starting with the introduction of lace figurines decorated in Meissen style.

Business went very well and in 1890 enabled them to open a subsidiary in the town of Unterweißbach; both factories together gave work to 300 employees.

From the beginning of World War II in 1939, nearly all workers were moved to factories concentrating on war-related production and export activities drastically decreased as the former customer countries had now of course become enemies.

In the last months of 1944 the defence plant who successfully continued to lead the company through the next years; one of the highlights during that period was the celebration of the 100 year factory anniversary in 1950.

Many years later, the landlord and resident of Sitzendorf , born in the town of Lichte, was honoured with the permission of re-establishing a porcelain factory in Sitzendorf on November 18th 1850.

The newly-founded business quickly earned a very good reputation, but only a few years after opening it was nearly completely destroyed in a terrible blaze which left only the kilns operational.

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No marks were documented for this period; this business was also not affiliated with any of the later factories located in Sitzendorf.

But after that the East German state lost interest in the factory and over the next years, the factory slowly degraded as more and more urgently needed repairs and modernizations were simply ignored.

Directed by , the very successful 135th anniversary celebrations went ahead in 1985.

The next years seemed quite promising but the disastrous effects of WWI followed later by the worldwide economoc crisis in the late twenties nearly ruined the company and so the Unterweißbach branch was closed in 1928.

In the year 1932 the situation began to stabilize under the leadership of the former authorized representatives .

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