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A guy named Scott Brown.” He proved this with a picture of Brown shaking Trump’s hand, so you know THAT’S gonna happen.

Breitbart Interruptus had a whole LOT to say about why nothing Elizabeth Warren ever says about anything is credible, because she’s a TOTAL FAKE, and also, Native Americans hate her too.

Beautiful young woman from Slovakia, here is for you a poem into Slovak. One must always translate with women, this love poem is still a proof.

One day perhaps you will write to me, and in Slovak please!

Oh, sure, maybe they’re making sure to buy locally-sourced baked goods, to hire a diverse group of local workers As someone who lives in Ferguson, let me offer this prediction: The blacks will pick fights with the cashiers, food handlers, baristas and managers at the new Ferguson Starbucks because they have demonstrated that they can berate, scream and go over the counter and punch employees at any fast food restaurant and no one will stop them.The California KKK donated ,000 to Hillary (but not Bernie). Also, this talk of the KKK just reminds people that the KKK was started as the armed wing of the Democrat Party, and that one of our Icons, Robert Byrd, was a leader of the KKK. he’d organized K in untraceable small-sum donations to the Clinton campaign, except for how it’s probably all bullshit.And finally, a very amusing person with the username “Gaski88” (and this very amusing profile pic) objected to our story on Donald Trump not seeing why he’d want to condemn anti-Semitic slurs and threats sent to the author of a mildly unflattering profile of Melania Trump.We won’t post the whole tiresome thing, but you have to admire the passion of the indignant, all-caps closing; we’re not sure if this is supposed to be the Expert Genealogy Blogger or Andrew’s addition.It’s in quotes, so we suppose this is the “expert”: ELIZABETH WARREN DOES NOT HAVE ONE DROP OF CHEROKEE BLOOD IN HER ENTIRE BODY. THOSE SOLDIERS AND THEIR WIVES AND CHILDREN BORN BEFORE 1907 DID NOT MAGICALLY BECOME CHEROKEE INDIANS EITHER.

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