Help for dating abuse

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Breaking up can be a process and involves a safety plan.School and hotline counselors will help develop an appropriate safety plan, specific to the relationship and resources available.She started to miss her friends and family, though, because she was spending more time with Brian and less time with everyone else.That seemed easier than dealing with Brian's endless questions.While many people like to believe “it could never happen to me”, in fact domestic abuse can happen to anyone in any part of the world.

Healthy relationships involve respect, trust, and consideration for the other person. In fact, 1 in 11 high school students report being physically hurt by a date.Abuse isn’t always limited to being physical alone and any sort of abuse in a relationship is an instant deal breaker.Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, sexual, economic and psychological abuse.Being available is an invaluable resource that you can offer someone in trouble.If you are concerned about someone, ask them: “Are you safe? ” Remember, the most dangerous time for escalation of dating violence is when the relationship is ending.

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