Painful memories of dating dave barry

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This book is a humorous look at the booming computer age - written back in 1996.Windows 95 was the hot hot hot operating system; AOL was one of the top internet service provider - and you would be ridiculed for being an AOL newb if your ip address ended in; and the internet was shiny and new.I can count on one hand the number of times I was actually able to help fix a problem but I cannot count the number of problems I was unable to reproduce. This one in particular seems to miss the mark because it is so badly dated.It came out in 1996, making its computer tech humor irrelevent and sometimes almost unintelligable. The one caveat is the story of the two people that meet online and possibly start a relationship, which has a surprising I loved Dave Barry in middle and high school.I kept wanting to excuse myself by announcing, "Well, it's Dave Barry. " I am definitely going to have to do some internet research to see how many of the sites mentioned still exist, if they ever did.Being a computer programmer myself, I was often asked by friends to take a look at their computers to see what they had done wrong. For example, the chapter on computer terminology contains; Hardware: The part of the computer that quits working when you spill beer on it.

In fact, take everything you know about computer books and throw it out the window because Dave Barry certainly did.The humor is typical Barry, with the addition of computer geekiness. Recommended to those of us who have been floating around on the 'Net for a decade or longer - try to find it used or at the library.The list of bizarre websites is mostly outdated - but a few of the sites (remember Mr. Not my favorite Dave Barry book, but still very very funny.And, because it wouldn't be Dave Barry without him touching upon, he also takes you into the world of a fictional cyber-relationship - complete with all of the emotion and insanity you feel when caught up in one of those.I highly recommend this book to everyone - even if you're not a big computer geek.

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