Updating tomtom go 710 Realfreesex

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Added a new option to the right-click menu ("Options" submenu) called "Automatic bag adjust", which enables the user to activate or deactivate adjustments for the bag containers, when bottom bar(s) are active, to avoid overlapping issues with the Main menu bar. Redesigned the right-click menu to span multiple levels, in order to hopefully avoid action blocked messages due to tainting for the following internal plugins : Titan Bag, Titan Coords, Titan Performance and Titan Repair.: Fixed an error where the plugin was unable to differentiate between dungeon and raid difficulty. Removed static frame texture creation from the Titan file.Unchecking this option is useful in cases you want to enable (or have already enabled) another addon which specifically handles positioning of the ticket frame.: Instance difficulty no longer defaults to the group type.

Then when the player enters the world the queued plugins will actually be registered.Implemented changes to core addon plus the LDB feed to return different melee and ranged/spell values.Removed Titan Item Bonuses localization specific strings, since the plugin is no longer needed/supported.Added necessary options for raid instances and updated localization strings, as needed. Textures are now dynamically created (when needed), resized and repositioned, depending on the current screen width and UI/Panel scale.This should enable the Titan Bar(s) to fit any screen width and thus support any theoretical resolution (Issue #424). : Added support for repairing via Guild Bank funds. Added an option to report the repair cost in chat when either "auto-repair" or "show repair popup" is enabled.

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